Carve out Scientists in your children

“Learning Science was never so easy and fun.”

GenSmart Tactivities

Our Mission is to empower every child to engage, enjoy and innovate with science as they learn
We learn most when we get our hands dirty, by building, cutting, sticking, mixing, heating – pulling things apart and putting things together. This hands-on approach to science engages children and ignites their curiosity and gets them started on a process of exploration. We provide a platform for children to nurture creativity and critical thinking, and test ideas without fear; to develop a growth mind-set by using their brain and hands to solve problems.
Gensmart offers kinaesthetic learning programmes both at partner schools and at home, face-to-face and online, for teachers and children, who are provided with a range of materials and resources to create, experiment, tinker and innovate to inculcate a better understanding of scientific phenomena and improve cognitive life skills. Tactivities include making toys and experiments – both short and running up to a few weeks. These are supplemented with thought Experiments, Tactile Enquiry and computer/ app-based Games.

The program is designed to cover over 80% of all topics in the science curriculum with Tactivities and for the remaining, we have carefully curated resources. All our programmes are designed to address the following key life skills;
• Cultivate Growth Mind-set
• Develop Critical Thinking
• Instil Scientific Temper


Gensmart partners with schools offering integration its experiential Pedagogy. There are two broad sets of learning components integrated into the offering:

Tactivity Sessions

Tactile activities that are executed by learners in designated sessions every week / fortnight

Classroom Integration

Resources that are used by the teacher within the classroom to enliven the class

Our programme starts with an understanding of the Schools’ curriculum. Researchers design experiential activities for each of the curriculum topics, curated from our extensive library or developed from scratch.

Teachers Training commences with a 4-day intensive programme and continued in online monthly refresher sessions. While the classroom integration is undertaken by the Teacher in their regular science classes, the TACtivity sessions can be handled either by the School teacher or Gensmart Educators.


  • Full Science Syllabus Coverage from 5th to 8th Standard
  • CBSE, ICSE, IB/IGCSE and State Boards
  • 75 / 40 / 25 TACtivities based on the programme chosen
  • Regular progress monitoring, feedback and support by designated educator
  • Frequent Virtual Classroom to and Face to Face interaction option in select cities
  • Unlimited Access to our Learning Management System and Mobile App offering extensive documentation on each TACtivity
  • Extensive Instructional Videos
  • Engaging mobile games that reinforce concepts
  • Tools to clarify, interact, collaborate with your cohort and educator

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