“Easy and fun filled way to learn STEMS (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) through robotics- the 21st century skill set"

An online learning program where students learn Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics by programming robots which are either real or virtual. Robotics is one branch of artificial intelligence.

How GenSmart robotics helps the students in Learning?

Robotics is a powerful, scalable and fun platform for teaching in-demand, real-world STEM technologies such as object-oriented programming, robotics and physical computing.

  • Computational thinking for children
  • Self-learning is effective way of introducing programming to students
  • Creative Problem Solving provides skills useful in future employment.
  • Teamwork is suitable for children with a range of abilities
  • Digital Literacy is clearer and easier to understand a complex technology


Training Topics




  • Platform to teach coding in middle or high school
  • Cloud based access from any browser at school or at home
  • Realistic Simulations with real-Time Feedback
  • Visual Editor which are configurable
  • Dynamic Challenges
  • Interactive and Educator Friendly
  • Scalable, cost saving virtual robots with simulation
  • Options for Real robot integration
  • Low floor, high ceiling – Blockly for beginners, Java for advanced
  • Standards aligned curriculum for middle school and high school
  • Interactive online robotics competitions

Bring the thrill and excitement of video games into coding and robotics.

The branch of artificial intelligence now easily available for you through GenSmart
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