G-TEC EDUCATION is an ISO certified organization spread across the globe with 512+ quality training centres in IT, ITeS, Technology, Skilling and International certification domain for the past two decades. G-TEC is recognized by all major IT organizations like Microsoft, SAP, Adobe, Corel, ICDL, IAB, EC Council and many more apart from State and Central. G-TEC’s most reputed brand G-TEC COMPUTER EDUCATION provides IT and IT related training where as G-TEC COLLEGE FOR APPLIED SCIENCE (GCAS) provides University programs both ILT , ICT enabled mode and Blended learning mode of top Universities in India including Aligarh Muslim University.

GenSmart Academy


G-TEC GenSmart Academy works on the motto “Power Tomorrow”, an organization committed to provide Right Skill at Right Time to Right People. With over two decades of experience in education and with a lot of interaction with industry experts and employers, we really find a BIG gap in required skills and attained skills. Majority follow majority which leaves them nothing more than one among many rather than looking inside and finding their BEST. GenSmart believes in this principle- “ Everyone is a GENIUS”, you only have to look within and work towards your best.
From kids to job seekers to working professionals, everyone need to grow themselves to be THEIR BEST. Hence GenSmart provides a range of programs for all these groups. See where we fit in your life.

G-TEC GenSmart Academy at Schools

GenSmart believes in this , the theory of “Genius in Everyone” and “Full Brain Thinking”. It rarely occurs that a person meets his destiny at his early ages and put his effort in this BEST to be his BEST. Most of us were not blessed with that INTERNAL GPS and we tend to find it after a long Trial and Error. It is Scientifically proven that Brain cells activate when we do new things, it can be a slightest act of changing the channel in your remote with your left hand if you are Right handed person. Our effort in GenSmart is to give most New Things in small hands and trying to touch stone their aptitude. Alas We NEVER KNOW UNLESS WE TRY !!!
Activating as many neurons as we can and saving them more Brain than they could never have otherwise is the sole motto of this “Additional Learning”. Our Left Brain oriented learning system would leave their Right sided Creativity paralysed, which could even manufacture a Mindful, but heartless generation. What they need is a fully practical oriented learning mixed with fun to bring in life to other subjects too which otherwise they viewed as “Unbreakeable”.
‘Whole brain thinking’ is the talk of the town and it perfectly makes sense or rather RIGHT of any being to be their BEST rather than the image of anyone else. All programs are designed in such a way as to help the students be comfortable with themselves while involving them 100% in what they do and enjoy it to the core.

Programs Offered

Explore Creative Genius in your kids with G-TEC Gensmart


Why GenSmart Academy ? Benefits and Features.

  • Trained, Qualified and Experienced Professional Trainers
  • High Quality Training Materials and Equipments
  • No Additional Investment
  • An Excellent Value Add-On for your Offering
  • Offered along with other Subjects
  • Enhance productivity, concentration and result.
  • Stand out Different with GenSmart unique programs – Fly above competition
  • Visionary Project for your students
  • Building a Better World where people are Smart and Happy.
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